Family seeking answers after loved one dies in custody

KERMIT -- Valorie Rodriguez was supposed to turn 43 on Valentine's day, but she died Monday, in a Kermit hospital.

"We're going to press forward and seek justice for my sister, and take it one day at a time, that's all we can do," said her sister, Angela Ruiz.
Rodriguez was serving a 10-day sentence in the Winkler County jail, having just been sentenced for a 2016 DWI.

"Her 10 day sentence turned into her death sentence," her sister said strongly.

Ruiz said jailers were aware Rodriguez had a serious liver disease and say she looked weak when her husband visited her on Saturday.
"Saw that she was very weak, she needed assistance in walking to her seat - she couldn’t see the code to put in to talk with her husband," she explained.

Sheriff Darin Mitchell said Rodriguez was given CPR and taken to the hospital.

"Within 24 hours, she's dead," stated Ruiz.

Family members say they just want to know how Rodriguez died and if she could have been saved.

"She was not a trouble maker, she wasn't in and out of jail,” explained Ruiz. “It was just something that happened. She has a 6 year old boy that now doesn't have a mom."

Ruiz says the family will be holding a candlelight vigil at the Winkler County jail this week.