ONLY ON CBS7: Odessa mother memorializes her son

ODESSA, Tx. (KOSA) -- Around 35 people gathered together Thursday to memorialize Zaydrian Guerra with a special headstone and service on what would have been his third birthday.

Zaydrian died of reported child abuse last year at the age of two. This year, he was named in a lawsuit against doctors at the Lubbock Medical Examiner’s office.

But Zaydrian’s family wants his memory to stay alive. On Thursday, they memorialized him by sharing their memories and marking a spot in Odessa that showcases his spirit, character and some of his favorite things in life. Zadrian’s family said he was known for being able to bring all kinds of people together, and he is able to do the same in his memory.

Zaydrian’s grandmother, Angela Webb, described Zadrian’s personality, saying he was “very happy.”

“Zaydrian was the type of child that cared about everyone else, at two years old. If someone was hurt, he cared about that person. He was never upset, never cried just a good child,” she said

Zaydrian’s mother, Alyssa Hammontree, worked overtime to build a memorial worthy of her son. The headstone is carved from his picture and features a Hot Wheels car behind him. The toy cars were also displayed on the base of the headstone.

Hammontree’s mother, Angela Webb, said Alyssa poured her heart into creating a memorial worthy of her son’s memory.

“There was times where she could barely walk in there but she did it. She organized the pictures, put it exactly how she wanted it. She’s still grieving, but this is the way she memorializes her baby. I’m a proud mother because I have a daughter that lost her child and she still donated his organs to save other children, my daughter still stood up and went to work every day, my daughter created that memorial for her baby,” she said.

Hammontree said the memorial isn’t done. In the future, a racetrack around his grave will be added and a bench will be placed at the foot of his grave. Hammontree said that she bought the plot next to her son so eventually, they will always be next to each other again.

Those attending the memorial ate cheeseburgers and drank chocolate milk, some of Zaydrian’s favorite foods. They listened to his favorite song and released blue, green and happy birthday balloons.

With tears and laughter, Zaydrian’s grandparents shared some of their favorite moments with their grandson.

Zaydrian’s grandfather, Maika Webb, said many grandfathers can relate to the memory he wanted to share.

“I handed him a set of keys one day and he flipped through the keys and it had a lock on it. And he would try and try again to open this lock and finally, I showed him it’s this key. Then he’d spend a month or so figuring out what key it was. Then I would show him it goes right here, then he would figure out where to put it. And he finally one day figured out how to open it. So we changed the lock, I had to change the lock and take the key away,” he said.

Webb said he will miss spending quality time with his grandson, and teaching him about the world.

The families added that they are working toward getting justice for Zaydrian.