Family member of Midland Medical Lodge resident calls management's response a "disaster"

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MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) - Earlier this week, the director of operations at the Midland Memorial Lodge reported the facility was working with the health department, Texas Health And Human Services and Midland Memorial Hospital to continue to try and stop coronavirus from spreading inside their building.

The lodge has been the hardest hit nursing home locally with 66 total cases as of Friday, May 15.

Forty-five residents tested positive for COVID-19, the latest just Thursday.

So have 15 employees and six other employees.

In all, nine people have died out of midland county’s total of 12.

Lodge director of operations, Dan Marick said cleaning and monitoring should be what gets rid of coronavirus at his nursing home.

“We continue to clean the facility exactly how we’ve done in the past. We’ve learned some things through this process.”

So far, it hasn’t, with at least seven people testing positive just this week alone.

And that has left some family members, relegated to the sidelines because the virus spreads so quickly, angry.

“I don’t want to get into an argument of progression of events, I know you’ve heard there are some negative responses or comments about the way things have been handled at Midland Medical Lodge, but the overwhelming support of our families has been supportive. They understand what we’re dealing with and we appreciate that.”

Not true, according to one family member who reached out to CBS7 and prefers to remain anonymous for now.

In an emailed statement, he wrote, ““There is ongoing support for the nurses, CNAs, and cleaning staff of the facility, but there is no “overwhelming support” as you put it Dan, for the lack of judgement that Midland Medical Lodge administrators have shown from the onset of this crisis. Dan, we are not happy with the mishandling, mismanagement, and gross incompetence shown by leadership and management of Foursquare Corporation and Midland Medical Lodge.”

To that allegation, Marick contends the lodge has been on top of things since the beginning.

“At the time that there was word of the quarantine with the health department, again we worked directly with the health department, and MMH through this process. We activated, MML activated this disaster preparedness plan in light of calling the rapid response team. We activated the transfer of the residents to the hospital and we were the ones who called the rapid response team.”

According to the family member who emailed us, the disaster plan was itself a disaster.

“The activation of the disaster preparedness plan and rapid response team was/is a disaster in and of itself, it should have been initiated much sooner. At no point from early April has the virus been contained, the positive numbers are proof of that. The situation is still not under control and remains alarming as is evident by the continued positive resident and staff cases coming out of Midland Medical Lodge. The numbers do not lie. It appears that Foursquare Corporation and Midland Medical Lodge put profits before the health and wellbeing of both residents and staff. Thank you for being so irresponsible and your callous condolence.”