Family, friends mourn 16-year-old killed in auto-pedestrian crash

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ODESSA, Tx. (KOSA) - A family is mourning their loss after a sixteen-year-old girl was killed in an auto-pedestrian wreck early Monday morning.

Friends and family gathered at a small memorial set up to honor Reyna Rodrigeuz who was struck and killed by a truck on Knox Avenue in West Odessa.

“When they told me what had happened, I was devastated,” Reyna’s friend Arturo Navarette said. “She was too young. She was just too good for this and she didn’t deserve this. She deserved better.”

A witness said the 16-year-old and a few friends were walking along the road a little after midnight when a truck came barreling through.

“Something you never want to see at all,” Steve Brown said.

Brown said he spoke to Reyna’s boyfriend after the crash who told him they thought they had time to cross the street.

“Next thing you know the truck is on them like that,” he said. “So, he tries to pull her—she was the last one in the road—he tries to pull her out of the way and he couldn’t swing her fast enough to get out of the way and that’s when it hit her.”

Brown rushed over to Reyna after the crash to help but by then it was too late.

He said she died at the scene.

“It hurt cause she’s my cousin and we’re close,” Kaylee Rodriguez said. “I just, I didn’t want to believe it until I was like actually here and saw really what happened.”

The Department of Public Safety is still investigating the crash so it’s too early to say if charges will be filed against the driver.

In the meantime, Reyna’s family will remember her and mourn their loss.

“It happened so soon, but I’m just going to know that she’s always going to be here for me no matter what,” Kaylee said.

That witness said both drivers and pedestrians traveling through Knox Avenue need to use extreme caution to prevent more accidents like this one.