Facebook Live leads to three drug arrests in Midland

MIDLAND -- Three suspects are behind bars after police say one of the three was selling drugs on a Facebook Live video and went to sell the drugs to an undercover officer.

Aaron Garcia, 22, Megan Olivas, 22, and Rachel Pruitt, 21. (Photos: Midland County Sheriff's Office)

Aaron Garcia, 22, Megan Olivas, 22, and Rachel Pruitt, 21, are all facing multiple drug charges.

According to an arrest affidavit, on Tuesday, January 22 a member of the Midland Police Department using an undercover social media account came across a suspect who had been known to sell drugs in Fort Stockton, Midland, Odessa and Fort Worth.

The suspect, identified as Garcia, posted a Facebook Live video which reportedly showed him with DAB cartridges and several bottles of promethazine, also known as "syrup". The title of the video asked "who need drank or carts Midland/Odessa?"

The officer then messaged Garcia "Hey let me get some honey and 2 bottles!"

Garcia then replied with "w y a" (where are you at) and called the undercover account three times. A female officer then called Garcia back.

During the call Garcia reportedly offered a baby bottle of syrup and one dab that he would sell for $150 before he dropped the price to $140. The officer then told Garcia that they were out shopping but could meet him at a gas station.

Police then set up in the area of the gas station and pulled over a truck that arrived at the meet up location. Inside officers found Garcia and two women identified as Olivas and Pruitt. Officers also found a bottle of "syrup" and a THC DAB pen.

According to the affidavit, Pruitt and Olivas were read their Miranda Warning and they both said they knew Garcia was going to sell both of the items to a woman. All three suspects were then charged and arrested accordingly.