FIRST ON CBS7: Open Carry Texas VP threatening to come back to Odessa to "stand up to this ol' boy" Sheriff Griffis

Published: May. 21, 2020 at 12:14 PM CDT
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In a video recently posted on San Angelo LIVE!, the vice president of Open Carry Texas threatens to come back to Odessa next month to "stand up to" Sheriff Mike Griffis.

Amad is angry that Ector County Sheriff's Deputies arrested a number of men protesting the governor's closing of the bar Big Daddy Zane's wearing body armor and carrying semi-automatic weapons.

Sheriff Griffis says the men were only trying to terrorize people, not protest that the bar couldn't open, and that's why he had them arrested.

He was emphatic during a news conference the next day that the arrests had nothing to do with Second Amendment Rights.

Amad says the protest will be peaceful and that if anyone breaks the law, they will surrender peacefully.

But he also warned that if protesters don’t believe they’ve broken the law and are arrested, Sheriff Griffis and his deputies should be prepared.