FIRST ON CBS7: ECISD Board Member Doyle Woodall resigns

Courtesy: The Odessa American
Courtesy: The Odessa American(KOSA)
Published: Jun. 10, 2020 at 10:42 PM CDT
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Ector County ISD Board Member Doyle Woodall has resigned from his position. Woodall issued a letter to members of the media at 10:17 p.m. Wednesday night.

The letter can be viewed in its entirety at the end of this article.

In his letter, Woodall highlighted his achievements and track record with the district, such as improving the sex education program and helping implement the AVID program at ECISD schools.

The long-serving board member also explained why he decided to resign, citing a life-altering issue within his family, as well as his mother's health.

In his statement, he added, "It is with no regrets that I send this letter. If all of this hadn’t happened, I still would have resigned on this date."

Within the past few weeks, Woodall has drawn criticism for posts made on his social media accounts. As CBS7 reported Tuesday night, protesters showed up to a school district meeting demanding his resignation. The Ector County State Teacher's Association asked him to resign on Monday. ECISD Superintendent Dr. Scott Muri rebuked the social media posts as well.

Woodall issued an apology last night. His statement can be found here:

Full statement from Doyle Woodall concerning his resignation:

"I was first elected to the school board in May. of 04. In 05 we created the SHAC Committee. With their help we brought in the Life Center to help with our sex education program. Since then teen pregnancies have gone down 28 percent. In 06 Collin Sewell and the Education Foundation presented the AVID program to the board for our consideration. I jumped in with both feet and the board was able to implement AVID on all campuses. OHS is one of the very few 4000+ campuses in the world to become a national demonstration school. The IB program was in existence at OHS before I was elected to the board and with my help it continues to grow. Many have come against it because of the cost but I have fought hard to keep it. Both programs are designed to help minorities prepare and succeed at the university level.

While on the board I have served as secretary 3times, Vice President twice and president during the 2018-2019 school year. During that year we brought in Jim Nelson to be our interim superintendent and passed a TRE. My proudest moment was when we named Scott Muri to be our new superintendent. That was no small feat. Some board members were pushing to hire in house and did not want to go to the expense and effort to do an exhaustive search. Because I stood my ground ECISD now has arguably the best superintendent in the nation.

My wife usually proof reads my letters before I send them in but not this time. She will get this one when everyone else does. This one needs to be 100 percent me. I hope she survives it.

It is with no regret that I, at this time, tender my resignation, effectively immediately but not for the reasons you may think. My 88 year old mother is ill and it takes a lot of time to help her but that is not the main reason. I was blindsided by a life altering family issue Tuesday evening. My family has always came first. I don’t know if it will take weeks, months, or years to resolve these issues but I know I can’t give all children and teachers the time it takes to do this job. They deserve so much more than I can give them at this time. After these issues are resolved, I may run again in 2021, if my situation allows.

To the tens of thousands of people who have supported me, thank you. Please continue to support our schoolsWe have an amazing superintendent and staff. ECISD has wonderful teachers that truly love and encourage all of your children. The board is one of the best in Texas.

To the few thousand that have protested against me, to the cowards that who have called on restricted numbers with their death threats, and to the many small minded people that believe a person is a racist if you disagree with them; it’s been fun.

It is with no regrets that I send this letter. If all of this hadn’t happened, I still

would have resigned on this date."

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