FINAL DECISION: Pecos Residents Voted to Reallocate Funds to Improve Roads

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PECOS- Voters in the City of Pecos decided Saturday to reallocate a portion of the sales and use tax to help with street maintenance.

There was 966 voters for the proposition and 222 against the measure. This is clear that Pecos residents were all in favor of the city granting the street maintenance department more money towards road improvement projects.

Since the proposition was approved the measure will add about an additional $350,000 dollars a year to the street maintenance department, according to City Manager Eric Honeyfield.

Currently, a quarter cent per dollar per purchase of sales tax in the city is dedicated to their street maintenance department, and another quarter cent to the Economic Development department.
However now, half of the Economic Development’s funding will go towards repaving roadways, fixing potholes, utilities, and other city infrastructure projects. Which now leaves the Economic Development department to find funding elsewhere, Honeyfield said.

Honeyfield said this move would not have any effect on voter’s pocket books.

Also, incumbent Venetta Seals reclaimed her seat as Mayor by only 35 votes. This will be Seals fourth term in office, but this time around she will be serving as Mayor for three years instead of two. Last year, City Council voted to extend the terms for city elected positions from two to four years, which will take effect on next election.

Seals told CBS 7 that she plans to continue on improving the water and sewer infrastructure along with the streets.

And, voters decided that Arthur Orona would fill the city council member seat #4 spot. Orona took the win with 54 percent of the votes.