FBI shares COVID-19 scams to look out for

WEST TEXAS (KOSA) -- Special Agent Terrance Gass says that the FBI has received reports for more than 1000 COVID-19 related scams, and that number grows everyday.

“A lot of people are at home or have stay at home orders,” Gass said. “So they’re receiving robo-calls promoting and offering free test kits, vaccines and fake remedies.”

You’ve probably heard about the economic impact checks the government will be sending to people over the next three weeks. According to the IRS, that money requires no action from citizens and will be deposited automatically.

So if you receive an email asking to click on a link or share personal information, don’t do it.

With many people losing jobs, Agent Gass says another common scam offers people the opportunity to make lots of money working from home.

Additionally, with so many of us feeling isolated and lonely, scammers are looking to take advantage there as well.

“You may find a lot of people looking for some type of companionship, somebody to talk to,” Gass said. “They’ll try little things like asking ‘Hey during this COVID-19 pandemic I’m having financial issues, can you send me a little bit of money?’ or ‘Can I have access to your bank account so I can deposit you money?’. So be cautious of scams like that as well.”

If you feel like someone has sent you a scam online or over the phone, you’re encouraged to visit tips.fbi.gov or the internet crime center at ic3.gov.