FBI: No evidence Border Patrol agents were attacked

Rogelio Martinez, 36.

EL PASO -- New details have been released on the investigation into the death of a Border Patrol Agent in West Texas.

According to a release, the FBI was looking into multiple theories including whether Agent Rogelio Martinez and his partner were ambushed or attacked, or if their injuries were the result of any other criminal activity or accident.

During the investigation 26 searches took place in New Mexico and Texas, and more than 650 interviews were conducted with individuals ranging from law enforcement officers who responded to the scene to medical personnel who treated Martinez and his partner.

The FBI states that with all of those efforts no evidence has been produced of an altercation or attack.

However, evidence from a Border Patrol dispatcher who spoke with Martinez's partner may shine new light on what happened.

According to the FBI, Martinez's partner made a statement to the effect of, “We ran into a culvert,” “I ran into a culvert,” or “I think I ran into a culvert.”

The Border Patrol dispatcher also reportedly wrote in his log that, “[He] thinks they (both agents) ran into a culvert.”

Two persons of interest were identified during the investigation but have been found to have no connection to the death of Martinez or to the injuries to his partner.

The FBI states that the investigation into the cased will continue.

CNN spoke with Chris Cabrera with the National Border Patrol Union for his reaction to the update.

“Our view hasn’t changed. Our view is he was attacked,” said Cabrera.

“It seems to me that they don’t have any leads.”

Cabrera says that after looking at an autopsy report released on Tuesday that he does not believe the agents were hit by a vehicle, pointing to the lack of injuries to the lower extremities of Martinez.

Cabrera also questions the premise that Martinez was fatally injured by falling into the culvert.

“You have to look at height of that culvert, from a 9 feet fall? They didn’t. There’s no way,” said Cabrera, “It doesn’t seem plausible to me.”

“I know the danger out there. I have faith in the FBI. I know they will get to the bottom of this,” says the union spokesperson. He points to the thoroughness of the FBI investigation thus far, conducting over 650 interviews and says he’s surprised they’ve found that many people to talk to. “Finding 100 people who live out there is just a stretch.”

An autopsy report released on Tuesday stated that Martinez's cause of death was "blunt injuries to the head."

The manner of death was listed as "undetermined".

Agent Martinez and his partner were found severely injured in a culvert next to Interstate-10, about 12 miles east of Van Horn, at approximately 11:20 PM on Saturday, November 18th.

It's not clear why Martinez and his partner were along the I-10. U.S. Customs and Border Protection only said in a statement that they "were responding to activity."

Martinez died a few hours later from his injuries.

The National Border Patrol Council, a union for the Border Patrol, has maintained someone attacked Martinez.

Culberson County Sheriff Oscar Carrillo has stated in a previous interview that he believes the agent may have been accidentally sideswiped by an 18-wheeler.

The FBI is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the resolution of the investigation and the State of Texas is also offering an additional $20,000 reward for the investigation.

Anyone with a possible tip is asked to call (915) 832-5000.

You can find the FBI's full press release here.