FIRST ON CBS7: Robert Fabian found guilty in the murder of Zuzu Verk

LOCKHART, Tx. (KOSA) -- Summary:

After almost three years of waiting, Zuzu Verk’s family, friends and the local law enforcement of Alpine and Brewster County shared hugs and walked out of the Caldwell County Justice Center on Tuesday with closure.

Robert Fabian was found guilty in the murder of Verk and tampering with evidence (a corpse).

When the judge read out the jury’s verdict, Fabian shook his head and shifted back down in his seat.

During closing arguments, the prosecution told the jury that “science doesn’t solve it all” and “this is a puzzle piece we put together, now it’s time for you to reveal the picture.”

Then, the defense tried to poke holes in the prosecution’s evidence and discredit witness testimonies — especially those of Fabian’s best friend Chris Estrada and former cellmate Roy Roman. The defense called Estrada an admitted liar and Roman a snitch and convicted liar. 

Fabian’s attorney said, “why do they have to get the scum of the earth to come in here? Because they have nothing.”

Ultimately, the verdict was in favor of the state.

The defense asked for a poll of the jurors, and all of them claimed the verdict read was their verdict.

The jury will be back in the courtroom on Wednesday because the defense has requested jurors to decide Fabian’s punishment.

Sentencing will begin at 9 a.m.

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5:20 p.m. Update: A Caldwell County jury has found Robert Fabian guilty in the murder of Zuzu Verk.

Fabian was also found guilty of Tampering with a Corpse (Evidence).

Sentencing is scheduled to be held at 9 a.m. on Wednesday.


Closing arguments have begun in the trial of Robert Fabian.

Fabian's charges of Murder and Tampering With a Corpse (Evidence) were read to the jury and the following charge options were given:

For the charge of Murder:
1. Murder
2. Manslaughter (Lesser)
3. Criminally Negligent Homicide (Lesser)
4. Not Guilty

For the charge of Tampering With a Corpse (Evidence)
1. Guilty
2. Not Guilty

In their closing arguments, the prosecution described the case as "old fashioned" and told the jury "You all have common sense."

The prosecution also stated that while they may never know what could have caused the alleged murder, they do not need to prove the motive. The prosecution also added that the exact date of the alleged crime does not have to be proved and that they only need to prove that it happened before the indictment.

The prosecution then recapped their side of the trial, referencing evidence and testimonies.

The defense tried to poke holes in the prosecution's evidence and witness testimonies during their closing argument.

The court then went into recess and the jury began deliberating at 12:30 p.m.

You can find our full coverage of the trial here.

Haley Harrison is at the trial and will share updates throughout the day online and on CBS7.