FABIAN TRIAL TESTIMONIES DAY 5: Former cellmate: Accusations over bisexual relationship sparked deadly argument

LOCKHART, Tx. (KOSA) -- The trial of a Robert Fabian, who is accused of killing Sul Ross University student Zuzu Verk, has entered its fifth day.

On Monday morning, new testimony was heard from a man who was incarcerated at the Brewster County Jail at the same time as Robert Fabian.

Prosecutors called Roy Roman to the stand to ask about that time and his conversations with Fabian. The prosecutors stated that they can't do anything for Roman's current charge of violating probation.

Roman was booked into the Brewster County Jail in October of 2016 after he was arrested for theft. Months later Fabian was arrested and booked into the jail.

Roman said that he was a 'trustee' at the jail for a time with extra privileges before he said he got into trouble and was moved into a four-man cell with Fabian and that they shared a bunk.

Roman stated that he shared his knowledge of prison with Fabian. The conversation then moved to Zuzu Verk.

According to Roman, Fabian told him that he had an argument with Verk over his bisexual relationship with Chris Estrada. Roman alleged that Fabian told him that Verk was going to expose that relationship.

"He didn't know if he broke her neck or choked her out," said Roman during the trial.

Roman stated that Fabian told him Verk hit the floor and that he demonstrated how it happened.

In the trial, Roman said that Fabian also spoke about worrying that more charges would be coming after allegedly using his brother-in-law's truck to move Verk's body.

Only Fabian and Estrada have been charged in connection to the case. No other arrests or charges have been made at this time.

Roman claimed that Fabian regularly cried at night and would say "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you."

2:30 p.m. Update:

Roman said that he initially notified authorities of what he said he heard from Fabian with the hopes of being moved from his cell. In March of 2017 Roman wrote a statement and was interviewed by Brewster County Sheriff Ronny Dodson.

No promises were reportedly made for Ronan in exchange for the information.

Closing arguments are set to be held on Tuesday morning.

Haley Harrison is in Lockhart for the trial and will share updates throughout the day online and on CBS7.