FABIAN TRIAL TESTIMONIES DAY 4: Prosecutors share call and text records

LOCKHART, Tx. (KOSA) -- The trial of a Robert Fabian, who is accused of killing Sul Ross University student Zuzu Verk, has entered its fourth day of testimonies.

Summary of day 4 of testimonies:

The prosecution’s big piece of evidence presented on Friday was a summary of Fabian’s incoming and outgoing calls and texts the week of Zuzu Verk’s disappearance.

On Thursday, October, 13, Fabian contacted his sister in the early morning hours.

Also, in the early morning hours of Friday, October, 14, Fabian’s sister called and texted him multiple times between 3:01 and 4:28 am.

The prosecution then confirmed with the lead Texas Ranger in the Zuzu Verk investigation, Jeff Vajdos, that Fabian claimed in an interview that he had been staying at his sister’s house that week since Wednesday.

Then, Vajdos confirmed to the prosecution that Friday morning was also the time another witness, Pamela Miller, saw a vehicle with round headlights speeding up and back down Wagon Wheel Road right outside her house in the Sunny Glen neighborhood near Alpine between 2:00 and 2:30 a.m. 

An Alpine Border Patrol agent who testified first on Friday morning, said he had found a human jawbone and other scattered bones and clothing near a shallow grave on February 3, 2017 in the Sunny Glen neighborhood.

A forensic dentist who testified to the jury later on said he was sent the jawbone to compare to Verk’s dental records.

He took the jury through a powerpoint that included his detailed analysis and said that the jawbone found was “indeed and without a doubt” that of Zuzu Verk's.

The jury has now heard from 29 prosecution witnesses, which means the defense will be free to call their witnesses sometime early next week.

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1 p.m. Update: New evidence has been shared by prosecutors on Friday.

Prosecutors spent part of Friday presenting call and text records of Robert Fabian and questioning Texas Ranger Jeff Vajdos.

Zuzu Verk's last outgoing text was made at 10:12 p.m. on Tuesday, October 12.

Hours later Fabian called Chris Estrada at 3:14 a.m. and 3:15 a.m.

Records show that Fabian contacted Verk's phone several times on Wednesday and Thursday.

Early Friday morning between 3:01 a.m. and 4:28 a.m. Fabian received several calls from his sister who he had been staying with since Wednesday. Vajdos said that he never answered any of her calls.

Vajdos then moved on to describe how he believed the relationship between Fabian and Verk was based on his contact with the suspect. The Ranger said that Fabian was being "possessive" and "self-serving" in interviews.

Evidence of the plastic found at Verk's gravesite was then presented and Vajdos said it looked to be consistent in appearance as the white drop cloth sold at Dollar General, which Fabian was caught on surveillance video buying on Wednesday night the week Verk disappeared.

ORIGINAL STORY: The trial of a Robert Fabian, who is accused of killing Sul Ross University student Zuzu Verk, has entered its fourth day of testimonies.

As of Friday morning, three different testimonies were shared in the courtroom.

One of those testimonies came from Alpine Border Patrol Agent Jared Maynard, who was on patrol on February 3, 2017, when he found Zuzu Verk's body.

According to Maynard, he was walking in the area of Wagon Wheel Road in Alpine when he saw a blue sock, black fabric and white plastic. Maynard then found a depression that was three-to-four feet long and two feet deep, and when he took a closer look he saw what he immediately identified as a human jaw bone.

As he was aware of the search for Verk, Maynard notified his supervisor and authorities later responded to the scene.

Photos of the gravesite were shared with the jury.

Maynard told prosecutors that the plastic he saw was different than the plastic that is typically used by migrants.

Just before noon, the court began going through the Facebook location record summaries of Chris Estrada, one of Fabian's best friends from high school, who spoke to the court on Thursday.

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