Ector County ISD looking into fight at Odessa High School

ODESSA -- New details have been released after a video on Facebook went viral showing a student shaking on the ground at Odessa High School.

(Photo: Facebook)

According to Ector County ISD spokesperson Mike Adkins, their police department immediately began investigating after the incident happened.

They say that the investigation revealed that it was a fight, not an assault, and that no charges will be filed against either girl involved.

School administrators will be choosing how to handle it with the students and their families.

Several Facebook users commented on other students appearing to standby in the video and not help. Adkins says that this was not the case.

“The video makes it look like kids stood around, which isn’t true. One student saw and immediately ran for help, which is the appropriate response. Girl was taken to nurse and parents were contacted.”

The mother of the girl shown in the video took to Facebook saying that her daughter had been assaulted and that she was hit in the head from behind. A photo she shared shows the girl in a hospital room with what appears to be a neck brace.

CBS 7 will have more on this story tonight at 6 and 10.