Earthquakes in the Trans-Pecos gain the attention of scientists

Published: Jan. 28, 2017 at 12:14 AM CST
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Recent earthquakes in Pecos certainly has the attention of scientists.

In fact with the help of one local young man professors from UT Austin will soon be in Pecos to examine the cause first hand.

CBS 7 was at Thursday’s city council meeting where a geologist and a seismologist explained how and where they'll set up shop.

"It was a much louder boom and it got as bad as my bed started shaking, so yeah it was pretty noticeable,” said Joel Chavez

With trembles and shakes, residents in Pecos have been experiencing unexplainable seismic activity and just Wednesday night a 2.7 magnitude earthquake shook the town.

"Over the last few years the rate earthquakes in Texas has increased in key areas," Chavez explains.

DFW and West Texas are on researcher’s radars as seismic activity increases and the concern rises.

That’s why one resident of Pecos reached out to his alma mater UT Austin about earthquakes in his home town.

"Pecos had always had an impact on every decision that I make so I feel obligated to act on it," Chavez said.

If Joel Chavez looks familiar, you saw him right here on CBS 7 two weeks ago.

It was then that Chavez went to the Pecos City Council in hopes that they would help in his earthquake research.

But he was turned away.

Now the Middle School Science Teacher has a University behind him.

"There’s a lot of agreement that the increase in seismicity is tied to injection in subsurface fluids but that is not an absolute certainty in every case but our research will be investigating that," said a researcher.

Chavez has questioned if that fluid is oilfield waste.

While the UT scientists don't share his theory quite yet, they are looking forward to finding the real cause of the earthquakes.

"Earthquakes is a phenomenon that is happening but if an earth quake is not reported that doesn't mean that it's not happening and it has to do with the detectability of the seismic network we have in the area."