ECISD trying to hire more than 500 employees before school starts

Published: Jun. 13, 2019 at 8:49 PM CDT
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With the booming economy comes job openings throughout the area. That includes our school districts.

Even though summer break just began, they’re looking to fill hundreds of vacancies at their job fair.

ECISD human resources officials report they have more than 500 vacancies in the district.

An opening in single every department and at least 300 more teachers needed for the fall.

So, while the students may be kicking back for summer right now, this is no day at the beach for the district.

“So, there’s so many dynamics playing into this now that makes it extremely stressful to know we have a position that if not filled will have to either be closed or picked up on by other employees to help carry that load,” Human Resources Assistant Superintendent Gregory Nelson said.

Nelson said it wasn’t always like this.

He said 15 years ago when a few vacancies popped up, replacements were already lining the door.

Now there just isn’t the same enthusiasm for teaching.

“There’s so many other opportunities around,” Nelson said. “Oil companies, service companies, the insurance industry, you name it. Those industries are growing and they’re salaries are growing.”

That’s why if someone’s interested today no time is wasted with on the spot interviews and a strong chance to be hired before they even walk out the door.

“We have everybody here all in one spot. If we don’t scoop them up someone else is,” Odessa High School Assistant Principal Trish Montalvo said. “So, if you’re looking for a job when you come down here, you’re going to get an offer more than likely.”

To reel them in, organizers say free summers and weekends, salary boosts thanks to new education legislation and job security are all major selling points.

Of course, others just want to be part of the mission.

“To help the generations behind us,” Diana Guajardo said on why she came to the job fair. “Education is for everybody, not just a certain type of person.”

Anyone who couldn’t make it to job fair can still apply for a job by going to

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