Driver left with shrapnel in shoulder after gunman shoots his car on highway

ODESSA, Tx. (KOSA) An Odessa man is left with shrapnel in his shoulder after being shot at in his car by the gunman on Saturday.

Odessa resident Daniel Munoz was helping a friend, following her to work to make sure her car arrived safely on Saturday. Munoz stopped to get gas, and then got back on the road to follow her to Midland.

Munoz was on the service road, making a right to go to Midland when he locked eyes with the gunman.

“I see this car coming towards me very slowly and I’m already kind of watching it. And I see this guy almost leaning out the window and I just see this angry face. I think is he going to flip me off? What’s going on? And then I see the barrel of a rifle. Immediately, I get down. I don’t want to find out what this guy’s going to do right now. Sure enough, I get down and the next thing I hear is gunshtos going off,” he said.

The bullets rained down, slicing through the windshield and damaging his car’s engine. Munoz tried to accelerate to get away, but the car wouldn’t move.

“I’m getting shot at, and I don’t have a gun. That was at the top of my mind, ‘wow, this is how it all ends, my life’,” he said.

The bullets also punctured the steering wheel, dashboard, and seats. Munoz said he is thankful the gunman didn’t stop, and that no one was with him.

“My passenger side had bullet holes in it. I’m just really glad my friend wasn’t with me that day,” he said.

Munoz was already on “high alert” after the El Paso shooting. And now, he will be physically marked by the Midland-Odessa shooting. Pieces of metal from the bullets will forever be lodged under his skin, and serve as a reminder of the shooting.

“It’s crazy thinking some people didn’t get that lucky. Some families they must have really got it bad,” he said.

Munoz left Friday morning to see loved ones out of state because “it’s times like these you realize what really matters in life.”

The Odessa resident also said he is extremely thankful for the first responders who chased the gunman, and the officer who patched him up after arriving at the site.

Munoz said this experience has left him with a message to share with his community members.

“Protect yourself. The world’s a crazy place, it’s unpredictable. Value what you have, the people that you love, just enjoy that. Because for all you know, a crazy guy could take it all away,” he said.