Drama surrounds Toyah City Council

Published: Aug. 24, 2018 at 10:50 PM CDT
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The Toyah City Council consists of four people, along with a Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tem.

But according to residents who've reached out to CBS 7 with concerns say that some in this so-called elite group are running the city government in ways that represent only them and not the city as a whole, that concern is echoed by current Mayor Pro-Tem, Naomi Machuca, who would not go on-camera but said that she may be replaced in just days by the council members for reasons unknown.

"I'm speaking for a lot of the citizens here in Toyah, they're scared, they're really distraught by this, something needs to be done," said Julie Chaddick, a concerned Toyah resident.

Julie Chaddick, says that the council has made many rash decisions that are not fair, nor ethical in some cases.

Chaddick also tells me that this council even went as far as holding illegal council meetings, which by law, an agenda must be posted in a public place at least 72 hours before it's to be held.

But they say that did not happen with the last city council meeting.

"They went as far as to create their own agenda without the Mayor Pro-Tem, Naomi Machuca. and City Secretary not posting the agenda in a proper manner, legal way that it should be," said Chaddick.

But something else that stood out, the Mayor Pro-Tem confirmed to CBS 7 that the council did hold a council meeting at a convenience store in town on Saturday, and even went as far as possibly appointing a new mayor during the meeting.

According to Mayor Pro-Tem Machuca, that Mayor is Bobby Kramer.

CBS 7 reached out to Kramer, to hear his side of the story.

“I don’t have anything to say,” said Kramer.

But not only did I reach out to Kramer, I went to the home of two council-women, one was not home, the other, on the way home, but said via phone call she was not interested in speaking with CBS 7.

Another on-going issue is that the waste water facility, which according to residents CBS 7 spoke with is the city's main source of revenue has been shut down, why? According to Ed Puckett, former operator of the facility, council fired him, leaving the city with no operator, and that led the TCEQ to allegations it down completely until they get a certified operator at the facility.

"I think it's important for Toyah to have money, and right now we're closed," said Ed Puckett.

And as far as the drama that surrounds the council and their recent decisions.

"I think they know what they're doing, and they've made a lot of management mistakes, the biggest one being, the forcing of the shutdown of the Toyah wastewater facility," said Puckett.

As for the council, they remain silent for now after repeated requests to hear their side of the story.