Door knocking to bring back dropouts

MIDLAND -- District leaders took to the streets this morning to help encourage kids to get back to school. It was the 10th annual drop out recovery walk and MISD says it's one of the reasons their district has seen a dramatic decrease in high school drop-outs.

"This is one of my favorite events to do because it gives us the opportunity to go out into the community and bring in those kids who have dropped out, maybe they need one more class or credit to pass, so we go out and try to bring them back in," said Lena Buck the Principal at Midland Alternative Program.

Door knocking for dropouts: it's how Superintendent Orlando Riddick, several principals and teachers spent their Saturday.

"Everyone should take part because it takes an entire team to get the kids back in school and you may be that one person that can inspire a student," Buck added.

It's working. Two years ago the district had eleven hundred students on their dropout list. That number dropped to seven hundred and fifty in 2016, and this year, they had just under one hundred and fifty students.
For one dropout, she says it was just the push she needed.

"I've been wanting to go back for a while, and now that I have my kid, I want to go back for her," commented Catrina Costilla.

"They’ve been in this race for so long, you're right at the finish line, don't stop running - that's the big moment they start to see," Riddick concluded.