Difference Between Cold and Common Flu

Many of us are getting over having the flu, however, we may soon see the epidemic hit the Permian Basin hard again in the coming weeks.

CBS 7 spoke with one doctor who explained why it's so important to know the difference between the flu and the common cold.

Doctors tell us that with strain B of the flu, in some cases could also bring pneumonia.

They stress the importance of knowing the difference between the flu and the common cold.

ER doctor Nate Ott, caught the flu just a few weeks ago.

“It was just kind of this all over ache and then just my skin was so tender like it hurt to just even touch my skin,” said Dr. Ott.

It could be getting worse.

One doctor we spoke with says this year's flu season is becoming epidemic.

Doctors want people to know the difference between having the flu and just the common cold.

“The cold doesn’t kill anybody for the most part, the flu does, and in some years we’ve had up to 36,000 people die in the United States from flu or flu related illnesses,” said Dr. Richard Bartlett, a Physician with Excel ER.

With the growing number of flu cases, many hospital rooms are full.

“They’re being overwhelmed by the flu epidemic, we need to use all the resources of urgent care for mild conditions, the freestanding ERs for anything else so if someone has an underlying condition or if their symptoms are more severe,” said Dr. Bartlett.

Now Texas is seeing an increase in strain B of the flu, which in many cases can also bring pneumonia.

“It’s hard to remember the last time I got it, and to be honest I hope I don’t get it again,” said Dr. Ott.

If you start to experience flu like symptoms doctors urge you to stay home and not expose anyone else to the virus.