Dents, dings and even bigger car damage left for repair shops after Midland hailstorm

MIDLAND, Tx (KOSA) -- "This is the first time I've seen this large of hail," Cathy Kuntz said.

Kuntz moved to Midland about two years ago, and didn't know what to expect when hail started pounding down in her neighborhood Tuesday night - but her Kia Soul took a big hit.

"It hit the top of the glass, and water just started pouring into it," Kuntz said. "We took out the liner, the seats, everything in it. We've just been soaking up the water."

The hail is long gone, but now a storm of customers are flooding the phone lines at hail repair shops across the city.

Kelcey Reece runs the Midland PDR repair shop all on his own.

He said there's a long waitlist as he's still backed up from the Odessa Hailstorm that happened in June 2017.

"I worked on Odessa cars for about two years. I'm working on an Odessa car right now as a matter of a fact," Reece said. "Repairing dents is a real specialty trade, so there aren't just dent guys everywhere. They're normally chasing hailstorms and working all over the country."

Reece said he'll have to call in extra help to get him through the next few months of work.

Midland resident Jennifer Slim came in to have Reece check out her family's truck that got banged up by the storm.

Her husband hid the truck under a freeway, but it's still left with dents and dings.

Originally from Utah, Slim said she's never experienced anything like Tuesday night's storm.

"We were sitting at home watching tv and just a couple of hails here and there. Then, all of a sudden, it was pounding," Slim said. "My kids were freaking out. They were under the bed, because they thought it was going to come through the house.”

If you need to get your car looked at, Reece suggests to clean your vehicle before hand in order to get the most accurate estimate.

He does free 15-minute estimates at his Midland PDR shop by appointment.