Dave Ramsey trained speaker coaches students on finances and saving money

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FORT STOCKTON -- Dave Ramsey personality Anthony O’Neal spoke to Fort Stockton Middle and High School students about learning to manage finances and living debt free.

Anthony O’Neal speaking to students at Fort Stockton Middle and High school.

“I think it’s very important for us to teach young people how to make good decisions with their money and how to budget,” O’Neal said.

Overspending and not saving money are traps into which many students find themselves falling.

But O’Neal’s presentation focused on not only living within your means but below them. He said living below means will ultimately save more money and help avoid debt including student loans.

“I teach them the caliber of your future is determined by the choices you make today,” O’Neal said. “That one choice that you think may be a bad or good choice will be consequences rather that’s good or bad.”

At the age of 19, O’Neal made bad financial choices that led him to being $25,000 in debt which caused him to live in his car for nearly two months. But after obtaining a job, O’Neal says he managed to pay off his debt in just a few years.

“Once I got out of that I vowed that I would travel the country and I would help young people avoid those mistakes and understand money and be successful with their life,” O’Neal said.

Now 13 years later he saves a large portion of his money every month. It’s a simple goal he believes is achievable for all students.

According to O’Neal, if a student set aside $100 a month for the next 30 to 40 years they can easily be a millionaire.

But most importantly he hopes his story inspires Fort Stockton students to make better decisions with their finances. He encourages them to make all purchases with cash - not credit.