Daughter pleads for rescue of sick mom on cruise ship in Fla. after father dies of coronavirus

(KGO/CNN) - A California couple has been stuck on the Coral Princess cruise ship docked in Miami.

Wilson and Toyling Maa, passengers aboard the Coral Princess, were some of the passengers stricken with coronavirus. Toyling Maa is still aboard the ship. Wilson Maa died at a Miami hospital (Source: Julie Maa/KGO/CNN)

Tragically, 71-year-old Wilson Maa died Saturday night after contracting coronavirus on board.

Now the couple’s daughter is desperate to get her mom, who’s now sick, off the ship.

“Anything anyone can do, I’m asking for help here,” said Julie Maa, who spoke from her home in New York, making an emotional plea for help. “All I’m focused on is helping my mom, I have to save her.”

Julie’s mom Toyling Maa is now showing symptoms of coronavirus.

“We’ve been told three ambulances showed up, took others off," Julie Maa said. "My mom is still on the ship. I understand there are other priorities, but I just can’t lose another parent today.”

Julie Maa says her father died at a Miami hospital after waiting four hours to be transferred off the ship.

“I don’t know who makes the decisions. Everyone says it’s not my fault,” she said.

The Maas from South San Francisco were on their dream cruise vacation, which started before the pandemic began.

Julie Maa is begging anyone for help, even tweeting to the mayor of Miami: “Can you please help here? I need to help my mom get to a hospital.”

“She has a breathing tube. They’re giving her medication so fever doesn’t spike. She has underlying conditions, which makes me worry more. It’s a replay of what happened to my dad.”

Princess Cruises said, “It is our understanding that Mrs. Maa is high priority to be transferred to a local hospital.”

Julie Maa fears time is running out.

“I just want my mom to be safe, and get the medical care she needs,” she said.

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