Customers relieved as Oncor finalizes asset swap with Sharyland

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WEST TEXAS -- What started off as a CBS 7 "On Your Side" investigation two years ago, has finally come to an end.

We had more than 100 Sharyland customers send us their electricity bills, complaining that delivery charges had skyrocketed.

CBS 7 took those bills to the Public Utility Counsel in Austin, the organization charged with representing consumers.

Our investigation eventually launched a state inquiry, which found that Sharyland’s distribution charges were two to three times higher than any other electricity providers.

After a long battle, there was relief for Sharyland customers Thursday.

Oncor announced they would be taking on all of the company's 54,000 customers.

The move will save people hundreds and thousands of dollars.

CBS 7 caught up with the woman who’s credited with bringing this issue to light – Nancy Raney.

For Raney farming is in her blood.

“I grew up on this farm, my grandparents had this farm, and my mom and dad, and then my husband and I, we’ve had it for 20 years and grown hay all during that time,” Raney explained.

But that family tradition almost came to an end after Raney’s utility bill for her hay and feed store increased from $3,500 to roughly $6,000 due to distribution fees.

“What was the most frustrating to us, is across the street, our neighbor was an Oncor customer,” said Raney. “He was paying 3cents per kilowatt hour, where we got to pay nine, because we drew the lucky straw and we were in the Sharyland district.”

Little did Raney know she too would eventually join her neighbor as one of Oncor’s customers.

Her dedication and persistence to bring down those rates is part of the reason why Oncor announced they would be taking on Sharylands customers.

Meaning homeowners will now save $648 dollars on average a year on their utility bills, and for business owners like Raney, they will see a savings of 30 to 50 percent.

“I kept thinking I’m just one person, what difference can I make? Well that one person can make a huge difference if you just keep at it, I guess the squeaky wheel gets the grease,” said Raney.

The transition will begin on Monday and by January 9 all of Sharyland’s customers in the state will officially be with Oncor.

For more information on the transition click here.