Crosstown Rivalry: Bronchos and Panthers in the NFL

ODESSA, Tx. (KOSA) -- One of the legendary Texas football rivalries continues this Friday when Odessa High and Permian face off at Ratliff Stadium.

Each day this week we're taking time to highlight unique parts of the teams and their legendary rivalry.

“We have a lot out of our 110-year history here. We’ve had a lot of great people come through Odessa High School," said OHS Associate Principal Tony Parris.

One of those greats is Patriots tackle, Marcus Cannon. Cannon has three Super Bowl victories under his belt, earning Odessa High yet another golden football.

These footballs are given by the NFL to congratulate high schools that laid the foundations for champions.

“You know it’s a really proud moment when an alumni of your school goes out and does well whether it’s in football or anything else. It’s a source of produce. I don’t know if there’s any extra motivation on any given night for a football team, for instance. But it is always a source of pride to have someone like that come through your program," said Parris.

Cannon told reporters after his latest Super Bowl win that he made it as far as he did because he always believed in himself.

“Always believe in your dreams, set your goal high and don’t stop until you achieve that goal.”

OHS isn't the only local school where NFL players got their start.

Permian is home to Bront Bird, Roy Williams, Stoney Case, Malcolm Hamilton, Britt Hager and Daryl Hunt.

Parris says that the Bronchos' rival has always been a worthy opponent with talented players. That means Friday's game, like every other between OHS and Permian, will be a nail biter.

“This is a rivalry game and you can never ever predict what’s going to happen in a rivalry game. No matter where the records go, it’s going to be a big crowd, it always is. It’ll be a good game whatever the outcome is.”