Crosstown Rivalry: Big Game tickets

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ODESSA, Tx. (KOSA) -- Fans of Odessa High and Permian waited in line overnight to make sure they got tickets for Friday night's big game.

Hours before the ticket office opened more than a dozen cars were lined up outside Ratliff Stadium packed with weary but committed fans.

If you thought the football players were competitive, wait and find out what it took to earn the first spot of the line.

“Can you tell us about how long you’ve been waiting?”

“Since about 4:45 yesterday afternoon.”

Sielo Montoya waited more than 12 hours just so she could be the very first in line. This year she's bringing a dozen family members to watch the game she never wants to miss.

“It’s a really good game to see just for the rivalry. Just a good, clean rivalry is what I like. It’s just a really really good game to see how the boys down there do and do what they’ve got to do.”

It's that promise of fast-paced action and heated competition that draws thousands to Ratliff every year for the big game.


“My grandson plays the cymbals for the Permian band and I’m so excited to see him. And so, I’ve been here since 12:30 last night waiting to get tickets.”

Belinda Sivley isn't a football fan, but she will be this Friday.

“This is the first time I’ve been to an OHS, Permian game. My husband’s an OHS fan all the way. Of course, not me. Go Permian!”

However, Odessa High School alum Isabella Pegueros won't be sticking with her alma mater as her younger brother takes the field playing for the Panthers.

“We’re used to wearing red and switching to black is really a change of pace.”