Construction set to begin on Midland gun range

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MIDLAND -- A ceremonial groundbreaking took place Thursday for Ally Outdoors. The gun range and retail facility, located at 241 Spring Park Drive in Midland, will have 15-yard archery, 25-yard pistol and 100-yard rifle range.

Construction is currently underway on the 57,000 square foot project, which is slated to be open November 2017. In terms of square footage, Ally Outdoors owners James Gripp and Collier Pennington claim it’s the largest indoor gun range in Texas.

They also say it’s a positive place to learn about gun safety.

“I know there’s always some animosity when you do something different in a community that’s outside the norm,” Pennington said. “But after we talked through any concerns they may have had on the city council and the residents in general, I think we put those to bed where now people feel comfortable.”

Gripp hopes the facility will provide a shooting experience for both experts and beginners.

“There’s plenty of people in town with a lot of firearms so it will be a nice place for them to go shoot,” Gripps said.

Ally Outdoors plans to hire around 30 to 35 people.

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