"God is real" Woman leaving church unharmed after tree falls on car

Published: Jun. 14, 2017 at 10:48 PM CDT
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A woman had a close call with a tree during Wednesday's severe weather.

Shara Shaw tells CBS 7 that she was driving home after church was cancelled when the weather started picking up.

Strong winds made the streets hard to see, causing Shaw to turn onto a road and wait it out.

"I ended up on Crockett and something told me to stop," said Shaw.

As Shaw was sitting in her car, a tree from a nearby yard fell on top of her.

"I said 'Oh God, get me somewhere safe.' About the time that I stopped, that's when the tree fell on top of my car," said Shaw.

Fortunately Shaw was not injured during the freak accident.

"It's awesome, I feel grateful to the man upstairs, he is always watching us. God is real," Shaw said.

A neighbor was recording the whole thing, Tonya Brooks said she feared the worst when she realized her beloved tree uprooted.

"As soon as I saw taillights, I thought oh my God, my tree killed someone," Brooks said. Her boyfriend helped get the driver out of the vehicle to safety.

"I still couldn't believe something like this happened," the driver said.