City of Midland moving to new Utility Billing System

MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) -- Midland residents will soon have a new way to pay their utility bills.

According to a release, the City of Midland is moving to a new Utility Billing System.

The City says that the system will include the following:

· An improved payment website. The new site contains features to help you better manage your own account.

· Screens are user-friendly.

· More online payment options such as pay-by-email.

· Automated telephone payment processing option.

Other Important Information:

· You will receive a new account number. It will include a series of numbers followed by a dash then two numbers (e.g. 11111-01). Details on how to obtain your new account number will follow.

· After you receive your account number, you will need to sign up for our new Customer Portal to access your account information. The new Portal will be available starting Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

· Any prior auto pay/login details will not be transferred.

You can get your new account number online here. That link will go live on Friday, March 27.

Customer Service can be reached at (432) 685-7320 or by email at