City of Midland hands out refreshments to city workers

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MIDLAND, TX. (KOSA) - These past couple days have been very hot in the Tall City so the City of Midland is doing what they can to keep their workers cooled down and feeling good.

The City of Midland puts together their annual "Operation Cold Drink."

According to Midland assistant city manager, Morris Williams, ‘Operation Cold Drink’ is where city managers go through Midland and give out iced cold water and Gatorade to workers who work in the field.

“On a personal note, I used to work out on the field and I worked my way up and so it does get hot out here. In August these one hundred degrees days and it is just nice for those guys to see the management team come out and say thank you for your hard work,” said Williams.

The city manager's visited city workers all around Midland stopping at parks, the health department and police / fire departments.

The City of Midland said it is important to show appreciation for these workers every day and not just today.

“Some of the reactions are like, “what did I do, what do you want.” But a lot of the times once they know we are there just to shake hands, tell them they are doing a good job. There are a lot of smiles. We learn stuff. We learn what they actually do on the field,” said Williams.

On top of giving out drinks the managers were able to shake employees’ hands and learn about the roles the play in shaping our city.