Circulo Tequila officially launches in the Tall City

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MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) - One local woman has fulfilled a dream by bringing a Mexican delicacy to West Texas.

The Blanco, the Joven, and the Reposado, each giving a different taste and feeling.

As a local realtor, Lucy Sisniega is responsible for bringing new businesses and ideas to the Permian Basin.

She has now taken the initiative to bring a taste of Mexico to the Tall City.

"We have been working on this for over 9 years. We are so excited. This is, I cannot even describe it. This is a blessing for us,” said Sisniega.

A blessing that she said wouldn't have been possible without the help of her family and business partners.

Sisniega said her new tequila brand is not like any regular alcoholic drink.

She added the amount of hard work and effort it takes to make one bottle of Circulo tequila can be seen in the smooth taste and flavor.

"We are also changing the way that people are used to drinking tequila. This is a sip of tequila. It is something unique. When you drink this tequila, you do not feel the burn. It is just to enjoy and like it. Everything about the tequila is unique,” said Sisniega.

Sisniega said there are three different types of Circulo Tequila that Midlanders can choose from.

The Blanco, the Joven and the Reposado - each giving a different taste and feeling.

One guest at the launch party, Hope Deanda, said the taste of this tequila exceeded her expectations.

"The tequila is smooth. I am a big tequila girl, so I liked it. It is just refreshing, smooth. I had it in a cupcake,” said Deanda.

Another guest, Trace Notley, said his favorite part of the new Circulo Tequila is all about the design.

"The bottle design is super unique, especially with all the Mexican artists being involved with that. I know a lot of those bottles are going to be used as decoration pieces as well, not just tequila,” said Notley.

Sisniega said Circulo Tequila, which is made exclusively in Jalisco, Mexico, is stored in a barrel for two years before it is even considered to be ready - a process she said West Texans will appreciate and enjoy.

"The state of Texas is very lucky because it is the first state to have this tequila. The City of Midland is the first city to have this tequila,” said Sisniega.

Circulo Tequila is currently being sold at Pinkies and Lone Star Liquor Company in Midland.