Chuck E. Cheese delivers pizza under different restaurant name

Chuck E. Cheese is using another Chuck E. Cheese character to operate a restaurant under a different name: Pasqually's Pizza and Wings. (Source: CNN)

(CNN) -- Chuck E. Cheese has found a sneaky way to deliver pizza during the coronavirus pandemic.

Chuck E. Cheese is using the name of another character to operate a restaurant: Pasqually’s Pizza and Wings.

A Chuck E. Cheese spokesperson told Food and Wine Magazine that Pasqually’s Pizza and Wings shares kitchen space with the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant.

However, the spokesperson said the pizza is not the same as what you'd get at Chuck E. Cheese. They said Pasqually's has a thicker crust and more sauce.

The restaurant is currently operating as delivery-only and serve a selection of pizza, including a chocolate chip cookie pizza, as well wings and cheesy bread. Orders are made through GrubHub.

According to Business Insider, the parent company of Chuck E. Cheese, CEC Entertainment, Inc., is struggling to stay afloat with lenders organizing and tapping restructuring lawyers.

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