Chris Kyle Memorial Plaza In Need of More Donations for Completion

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ODESSA - The Chris Kyle plaza in Odessa is one step closer to being completed.

Construction began last week for the 2,800 square ft. project in honor of the American Sniper. Foundation for the statue has been placed and phase two is scheduled to begin soon.

“The goal is for the setting to be a healing and peaceful place for veterans and their families receiving care at the medical center, and those citizens who want to stop by and take a moment in honor of Chris and all those who serve,” said Taya Kyle, wife of war veteran Chris Kyle.

Vic Payne, a second generation sculpture artist, is in charge of building the statue in honor of Kyle.

The Chris Kyle Plaza is a joinf effort led byu the Odessa Chamber of Commerce and the Odessa Community Foundation.

Completion for the project is expected sometime in July and some of Kyle’s family are attending the unveiling.

"The project committee’s goal has been for the sculpture and memorial plaza to not just be an Odessa or Texas project, but rather a memorial to a true American hero that the United States of America can stand behind proudly,” said Mike George, CEO/President of the Odessa Chamber of Commerce.

The project is driven primarily by fundraising and you still have time to be part of it. You can donate by visiting the Odessa Chamber of Commerce website at or by calling (432) 332-9111