Cherimoya A.K.A Armadillo Fruit

PRODUCE MAN Check this out. Oh, my goodness. Gonna put it right there. It's called an armadillo fruit, among many other things, also called armored fruit.

Take one look at it, and you know why they call it an armadillo fruit. It's very, very cool. This is actually called a cherimoya. Cherimoya. I know, it's a four syllable word, cher-uh-moy-ya, but that's what it's called.

It's grown all around the world. It's a very tropical fruit. But in the united states, it's grown in one area. It's grown in santa barbara, california. There is a region just south of Santa Barbara that is a truly tropical region, and that's where they grow it.

Now, an armadillo fruit, or they also call it a custard apple -- i'm gonna cut this right in half here, and you're gonna see there's big seeds in it. And when this ripens it will turn to a beautiful golden yellow as it ripens.

But inside, this fruit all in here, it becomes like custard. Oh, my goodness. You get a spoon when it's fully ripe and you cut that in half and you just spoon it out like you're eating custard. So good.

I'm Michael Marks, your produce man.