CBS7 INVESTIGATES: About 200 water quality complaints made to City of Odessa in 2019

Published: Jan. 13, 2020 at 12:45 PM CST
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We have a follow-up to the

story you saw on CBS7 News a couple of months ago.

Back in November, we reported on a patch of homes in Central Odessa that were plagued with smelly, yellow-orange water.

A long-time Odessa resident came to our CBS7 Investigates team after dealing with the problem for nine months.

After we sat down with the city, it stepped up and installed a temporary fix to the old, rusty pipes.

Although, CBS7 Investigative Reporter Haley Harrison was left wondering if there was a bigger, citywide issue.

Back in December, we requested records from the city water department.

We found out that it had racked up almost 200 water quality complaints last year alone.

Using the exact numbers, it averaged out to about 16 complaints per month.

The data our investigates team put together doesn't even include the month of December 2019.

The complaint that came up the most was yellow water. Although, dirty, brown and rusty water were also common issues.

We also wanted to see if there were noticeable problem areas in Odessa.

Each bullet on the My Google Map at the bottom of this web story represents an address where a complaint or multiple complaints were made.

The biggest patches are in the older areas - downtown and Central Odessa.

Something else the map showed was that there were a lot of repeat complainers - meaning a homeowner or business contacted the city multiple times about water issues.

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