CBS7 IN EL PASO: President Trump holds campaign rally in border city

EL PASO -- President Donald Trump is claiming victory in his fight to build a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The President spoke out Monday night in El Paso, at his first campaign rally of the year, just as news broke in the nation’s capitol that a deal had been reached in principle, to prevent another federal government shutdown.

From low unemployment rates to increased oil and gas production, the President boasted of his accomplishments in the White House.

“We’re getting those pipelines approved so fast, you’ll be able to practically double up on oil production - oil and gas,” the President said.

The El Paso County Coliseum seats some 6,500. The President bragged 10,000 were in attendance.

A handful of protestors had to be escorted out and a few Trump supporters were kicked out for disorderly behavior, but the President reveled in it.

“Is there any place that is more fun to be than a Trump Rally,” the President asked and was met with cheers.

Immigration took center stage, but the President amended his pledge from “build a wall,” to “finish the wall.”

“Safety is the birthright of every American, which is why we must finish the wall,” President Trump stated. “Walls are not immoral as it was said, human trafficking is immoral.”

President Trump also promised other immigration reforms.

“What we’re proposing includes humanitarian assistance, drug detects at our ports and everywhere else.”

The President made it clear he is running for re-election in 2020, saying he may have to change his campaign slogan from “make America great again,” to “keep America great.”President Donald Trump spoke out at his first campaign rally of the year Monday night in El Paso. Shelby Landgraf was there to bring us a recap of the rally.