CBS 7 Special Report: Where's Bianca?

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KOSA -- A quiet street in San Antonio the last place Bianca Carrassco was seen.

That was five months ago.

But this isn’t where Bianca’s story began.

Bianca grew up in Odessa where at the young age of 18 she met her husband, Daniel Carrassco.

“I was close to the both of them, they had been married for 9 or 10 years,” said Bianca’s Sister Jovanna Burney.

Daniel and Bianca seemed like the perfect couple, they have three kids together ages 10, 9 and 5.

Jovanna says Bianca was a devoted mother who just last October graduated with her nursing degree in hopes of making a better life for her children.

“She was very caring she loved her job and her patients. She was very devoted to being a nurse. She gave 1,000 % to that,” said Burney.

It was her career that took the family away from Odessa to San Antonio where she worked in an oncology office.

A successful career, beauty, and a family, from the outside looking in it seemed Bianca had it all.

“She was a very strong woman. She was very passionate about whatever she was doing. She was a great mother, but of course like all of us we have our own inner demons,” recalled her mother, said Barbara Talamantez.

Inner demons, that included a failing marriage and according to family, a forbidden love affair.

“I knew that he wasn’t ready to let her go but she was, she was done and he wasn’t,” said Burney.

“He says that he found out that she was having an affair. He cleaned out the bank account, and gave back the wedding ring,” recalled her Mother.

But those aren’t the only red flags just days before her disappearance there was a text conversation between Bianca and her sister.

“I will not be controlled by a man and money,” said Bianca in a message that message is dated April 28th.

Just three days later, one final conversation.

“That day I spoke to her. It was about 2 in the afternoon. It’s interesting because the days leading up to her missing she was pretty frustrated with everything that was going on. There was a lot of chaos and there was a lot of arguing,” Burney explained.

And then Bianca was gone.

Her husband told police she walked out of their home and down the street. Since then there’s been no sign or trace of Bianca.

That argument is detailed here in a San Antonio police report.
It all centers on the alleged affair.

Family says Bianca’s phone has been turned off since 10:22 on that Sunday night.

“It was another red flag for me because she would have never turned her phone off she is always on her phone,” said Barney.

But before Jovana would get police involved a phone call, on the other end? Daniel Carrassco, Bianca’s Husband.

“He said she left and I said what do you mean she left? And he said I don’t know she left,” Barney recalled from that day.

During the Sunday night argument, Daniel told Jovanna that he grabbed the couple’s youngest child and got in his truck, headed back to work in Odessa.

That’s when, he explained, Bianca walked out the door, leaving the other two children home alone.

“And I asked him I said so you saw her walking? Did she see you leaving? And he said yeah we made eye contact I passed her,” Barney said.

After several unanswered calls and text messages Jovanna called Bianca’s workplace on Tuesday.

“They said that she’s not there and I asked if she was there yesterday and they said no and then that co-worker that I spoke to said that they were worried because it’s not like her especially not to call.”

Now Jovanna was sure something was wrong.

“I spoke to her husband that day and I said I was going to make a police report and he said don’t call the police this is what she wanted and I said no I am calling police there is something not right I can feel it,” said Barney.

“We first took the report on May 3rd, the husband did not make a police report. It’s our understanding that he thought that Mrs. Carrassco was going to return home so he didn’t raise any concerns. He didn’t think that he needed to make a report,” said Officer Douglas Greene who works for the San Antonio police department.

Police acknowledge marital issues between Daniel and Bianca, but they say that doesn’t mean he’s to blame for her disappearance.

“Right now we don’t have any concrete evidence to show that her husband is involved or where her whereabouts may be,” Officer Greene explained.

Police questioned other people but they all checked out.

“We’ve talked to other male individuals that may have known her and still nothing has developed,” said Greene.

In the days after her disappearance jovana finally able to get her sister listed as a missing person.

And that’s when the search began.

“We had people go look, prep flyers, and no one saw anything. No one heard anything we didn’t find anything. We’ve done three searches in the area where her phone pinged and there’s wooded areas there by her home and we’ve searched and haven’t found anything,” said Burney.

Police say it is possible that Bianca did just walk away, wanted to start a new life, and get away from her failing marriage but its also possible someone else was involved.

“We’re not ruling anything out in this case. There could be some foul play involved,” Officer Greene explained.

Foul play, it’s a theory the family has had to come to terms with.

“When does it not hurt so much? Of course I pray and I have faith but I also know at this point in time why is he walking around so cocky? Playing golf every weekend. Why are you so sure they aren’t going to find a body,” said Burney.

But there are always two sides to every story and we wanted to give Daniel Carrassco a chance to share his.

So we reached out not once, not twice, and the last time.

Daniel wouldn’t speak with us, but he did talk to police.

“He has been cooperative with us. He has spoken with our investigators and we’ve taken everything that he has said into account,” explained Officer Greene.

It wasn't until after our promo started airing that Daniel’s attorney reached out to us, he says Daniel had nothing to do with Bianca’s disappearance and his main focus is their three children.

"He has been active in the case, the focus for him and for all of us working the case is to protect his kids,” explained Joseph Hoelscher, Daniel Carrasco’s Attorney.

Hours, days, and months have gone by since Bianca’s disappearance and there’s been no new leads.

The searches and news surrounding the case have of course died down, but Jovanna works to keep the investigation alive.

“I have a lot of faith that god is going to give us answers when he sees fit,” said Burney.

The family remains hopeful that regardless of the outcome they’ll get some sense of closure.

“I have family that says you know you need to just leave it in god’s hands. But what rock would you not pick up and turn and look at if it was your child. When do you stop? How do you stop? How do you just go on,” asked Talamantez.

Again, Bianca carrassco was last seen on May 1st in San Antonio.

She is 29 years old with long brown hair, brown eyes, 5 foot 1 and 125 pounds.

Anyone with information on her disappearance is urged to contact the San Antonio Police Department at 210-207-7273.