CBS 7 Special Report: 32 year old Cold Case

Ector County(KOSA) -- From time to time, Odessa Crime Stoppers reached out to us to air stories about cold cases.

Some date back a few years, but others have gone unsolved for much longer.

Tonight we look at a case that has gone cold for more than 32 years.

Janet Gregston graduated from Kermit high school, and soon moved to Odessa where she worked as a bartender at Graham Central Station.

She also got married and was expecting her first child with Danny Gregston.

In august she ran an ad to sell a car.

On the 21st she went to meet someone who wanted to drive the car.
She never made it home.

"I remember it was gruesome, and It was heartbreaking," said Mark Donaldson, Ector County Sheriff.

Northeast Loop 338 off 87th street is a lot different now than in 1984.

There is a lot more traffic and homes and businesses, it was much more desolate back then.

According to law enforcement, a passerby saw a car parked with a man and woman arguing.

He stopped to help, but was sent away by the man who treated to kill him, he drove away.

When he came back by, and the car was gone.

Janet’s body was found a short time later.

“If the original guy who was charged. If he is still alive. If he is the one who in fact did it then yeah he knows. Now does anybody else know? You know the only other witness we had that came up to the scene while it was happening and you know the guy that tried to help, he drove off. That's the only other guy we know of that saw the actual person," Donaldson explained.

For the past 32 years, Gail and Traci Gregston have worked to find out what happened to their sister-in-law and their nephew.

They have spent hours looking through files, talking with people, hoping to find the person who did it.

"We not only lost a beautiful sister-in-law. My brother lost his wife and we lost a nephew. She was 7 months pregnant we know now that babies live and this was a child we had anticipated and we looked forward to. My mother and father didn't get to see their grandbaby. I didn't get to see my nephew. His name was Kyle Wayne, he had already been named and this was heart breaking for us, as much as it was for Janet’s family and friends," said Gregston.

Over the years, no one has been brought to justice, and for the Gregston sisters, this has frustrated them.

The sheriff’s office says they tested items over the years, but admit that as time goes on it may never be solved.

"We had a suspect that was arrested and charged and there was something that went wrong," Donaldson remembered.

Evidence that would help the case was recorded over and couldn't be used which hurt the case against henry lee hill.

Donaldson also said, "I think he was taken to a mental hospital and it couldn't be prosecuted."

"This is not something we have let go. We've come. We've talked to the sheriff's office. We've talked to people. Friends and family have given information. Detectives have come and gone. It's not something we've ever stopped talking about," Gregston explained.

"This was definitely one of them. You know, that you think about over the years. Like I said, I wasn't totally involved in it, but enough on the outskirts that, I knew about it. I knew how tragic it was, that you know it's going to be, I would love to solve it within the next month and a half but that's not going to happen, most likely," Sheriff Donaldson explained.

“We'll never give up on this and as long as we have hope then there is a possibility of getting this solved. We just want to find who did this," Gregston said.

If anyone knows anything about this case, please contact crime stoppers at 333-tips.

If the information leads to an arrest, it could earn you a $1,000 dollar reward.