CBS 7 Exclusive: Fort Stockton Lotto Winner Still Working Despite Win

Published: Jan. 14, 2016 at 8:02 AM CST
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You won’t see José Sarabia driving a flashy car or living in a million dollar mansion, you’ll still see him hard at work. We caught up with Sarabia on the way to his oilfield construction job in New Mexico Wednesday.

“I still haven’t gotten the money yet, I don’t know the feeling of it,” Sarabia said in an exclusive interview with CBS 7 news.

He purchased the winning numbers for the January 6th drawing and won $2 million. He missed the night’s $500 million jackpot by just ONE number, but he’s not complaining. Sarabia said bad weather let him cut out of work early that day so he decided to try his luck and buy some Powerball tickets.

“I’ll keep working,” Sarabia said. “Maybe less pressure, get in a vacation or two.”

As for the lottery, Sarabia said he will keep playing.