CBD oil shop opens its doors in Midland

MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) -- In March, we found out that West Texas law enforcement agencies had different opinions on CBD oil, but that didn't stop a CBD brand from making Midland home.

Sacred Leaf Zero, a CBD oil company from Kansas, is beginning to pop up shops around the Lone Star State, and they just opened their doors to customers in the Tall City two weeks ago.

Employee Eric Montejano showed us around the new store off of Midkiff Road, and said that CBD oil products with zero trace of THC are completely legal in all 50 states.

"We've come to bring that - exactly that," Montejano said. "To show people that you can have the full benefits of CBD without having to add the THC in it.

Montejano uses CBD oil products to help with his anxiety, but said there are other products that can benefit people who struggle with chronic pain, sleep disorders or even weight loss.

Plus, Sacred Leaf Zero sells doses of CBD in more ways than you can imagine.

Ointments, edibles, chapstick, bath bombs and there's even something for your furry friends - dog treats.

Montejano said it's a big deal to be the first shop focused on CBD products in Midland.

He explains that there are many preconceived ideas about the cannabis product derived from hemp plants.

"I believe it's a good way to start spreading the knowledge of what CBD really is," Montejano said. "It does become more accessible to the people, especially Midland being one of the counties where they've been tough on things like marijuana. So, it does break away from that stigma - that misconception we've always had."

He told us that its been a good experience educating new customers - both young and old - on the extract.

We also spoke to Midland resident Nathaniel Gushee who uses 100 percent CBD oil products to help with stress.

He was surprised a shop that exclusively sold CBD was able to get on its feet in the city.

"It is kind of a gray area," Gushee said.

He told us that some products don't have labels, and that there's nothing stopping local law enforcement from arresting you until they test it for THC.

"Unless I have a CBD oil - that doesn't make me too nervous, because it's clearly labeled what it is and they can see that," Gushee said. "But if I have a CBD flour on me or a CBD joint - it does."