CAUGHT ON TAPE: Midland ISD teacher threatens junior high student

MIDLAND -- Kobe, an 8th grader at San Jacinto Junior High School in Midland, admitted that he broke a rule by walking into his science class with headphones on.

He said his teacher, Jeffrey Laing, asked him to turn it off -- and things escalated from there.

"He started getting mad and buffing up to me, and calling me trash and dog," Kobe said.

Kobe fessed up that he started the argument when he didn't turn off his music -- but says it quickly got scary, racist and threatening.

Another student caught the end of the argument on their cellphone:

Laing: “You told me to shut up.”

Kobe: “No, because you were being racist. That’s exactly why... Hey, hey you were being racist.”

Laing: “That’s easy to say.”

Kobe: “You was. Hey everybody heard what you said, right?”

Laing: “GET OUT! You get out of my classroom before I kill you. You piece of crap. GET OUT!”

Kobe said he's now in another science class.

We reached out to Midland ISD for a response.

Spokesperson Lacy Sperry gave us a short statement:

"Discipline has been handled by campus administration."

Kobe's mother told us she took the recording to a school board member. She said she was supposed to hear back from them Tuesday, but did not receive a call.