Search for remains to expand, Sheriff focuses on evidence

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ALPINE -- The discovery of human remains early Friday morning has brought a flood of emotions to the small town of Alpine.

Although a positive identification has yet to be made, the community, police and family believe its missing Sul Ross State University student Zuzu Verk.

Brewster County Sheriff Ronny Dodson is hoping to have the remains identified Monday. He tells CBS 7 News dental records will be used for the quickest and most accurate identification.

“It bothers me, because we looked everywhere,” Sheriff Dodson explained. “We tried to get in their mind and think where would you put somebody? Who would’ve thought it was just right there, right there close to the road as close as it was.”

For almost four months now, police and sheriff’s deputies searched day and night for Zuzu.

“It’s a relief, I know for us and the family,” said Sheriff Dodson. “We knew if we ever found her that there would be evidence at that scene that would really help us and sure enough it is.”

Tree branches and brush now cover the shallow grave where those remains were found off Wagon Road in the Sunny Glen area.

“It’s not a pleasant site, and it’s not pleasant for the folks that live out there and you know it wasn’t pleasant for the family,” said Sheriff Dodson. “We just don’t want any kind of an area where people just know exactly where it happened.”

As for what specific evidence was found at the scene, Sheriff Dodson could not confirm in fear of jeopardizing the case.

However, what is clear is they believe Robert Fabian has something to do with Zuzu’s death and that’s why he was arrested for tampering with or fabricating physical evidence by concealing a human corpse.

“Now it’s putting the case together,” said Sheriff Dodson. “We still got the autopsy, and then all the evidence went to the labs, they’ll be carried up there, you know it’s all got to be gone over and there’s a lot of reports [to get done].”

Sheriff Dodson says they didn’t find all of the remains, but will be expanding their search some time this week.

As for Robert, he will see a judge first thing Monday morning to be arraigned and have his bond set.