"Boobie" Miles speaks out after hospitalization

ODESSA -- Former Permian High School football player and man who a character in the Friday Night Lights book was based on, James “Boobie” Miles, is recovering after spending several days in the hospital.

James Miles was at work on Monday when his heart began to ache.

“I had a pain coming up through the left side of my chest to my shoulder. And I was sweating like I ran a marathon,” he said.

Miles was rushed to Cedar Park Hospital, where doctors worked tirelessly to diagnose the problem. In May, Miles was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. And this incident was cause for concern.

“I was scared, not knowing what was going on, what to think. And having all these different specialists come after me and telling me this, and asking me that, you know? You out there in no man’s land. All you can do is let it go and give it to God. That’s all you can do,” he said.

After many tests, including an Echocardiogram, Miles said doctors thought he would need surgery. But Miles’ wife, Becca Miles, said doctors were shocked to discover that there was not a blockage in her husband’s heart. This news came after doctors performed an Angiogram.

“That lady said you’re not going to believe this. There is no blockage. This is all thanks to God. There’s no reason, after seeing the other things that the heart would be good,” she said.

Becca Miles said a person at the hospital called it a miracle. Miles was diagnosed with Acute Decompensated Heart Failure.

“I believe that’s why God keeping me around. I’m not finished doing what he put me on the earth to do, whatever it may be,” he said.

Miles believes his work on earth isn’t done, and said he feels the importance of his opportunity to impact the next generation.

“Playing sports is a good thing. I mean, I love football, I love sports. But everybody can’t make it to the NFL. But you got to have a plan B in life. And education is that plan B,” he said.

Miles was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday. Miles said the doctors tell him his heart is functioning well.

But Miles warns others faced with heart issues, to take the doctors seriously.

“Man, it’s, it’s, serious. You might not think it is, but it’s very serious,” he said.

Miles has several medical appointments in the near future.

A GoFuneMe for Miles has been started here.