Black Friday in the Tall City

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MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) - This Friday means shopping for many people in the Permian Basin.

Some of the best deal’s shoppers said were at Dillard’s, Justice for Girls, and also Oakley.

Shoppers across the Tall City come out in full force packed the Midland Park Mall, all looking to snag some big deals during Black Friday.

Black Friday is known in America as being one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

CBS 7 News visited Midland Park Mall and caught up with some shoppers and they shared what this day means to them.

Shopper Jessica McReynolds said she found deals up to 50%, 60% and even 90% off during the malls Black Friday sales.

While another Black Friday shopper, Jorge Abalos, said that Black Friday deals are especially helpful when you have big families and you're trying to make sure you get something for everyone

"Well, you can always get a good price. It is good for families; you can keep plenty of money into your pockets. We came out today to see the people there were a lot of traffic out there today and the better prices just help us because my son just likes expensive things. We can get him really nice things for a decent price,” said Abalos.

"As a mom of three children, it is a lot cheaper. So that is the biggest thing for me and those big-ticket items like electronics and stuff those are really the ones I look for on these days,” said McReynolds.

Some of the best deal’s shoppers said were at Dillard’s, Justice for Girls, and also Oakley.

One shopper said that these deals give her a chance to get her kids the necessary items they need all at a smart price.

According to Brenda Scott with Midland Park Mall, this year’s Black Friday has welcomed shoppers from all over the Tall City and even across the county.

She said they all hopping to fill their bags with great priced items.

"I have seen lots of shopping bags, lots of shoppers and it is really neat to see families spending time together doing something fun and we have a really great atmosphere that welcomes them” said Scott.

The Midland Park mall is open till 10:00 P.M. on Friday night.

They will open again on Saturday at 9:00 A.M.