Bison shut down Texas highway near town of Buffalo Gap

It’s not every day a couple of bison block the road in Buffalo Gap, Texas. (Source: Jacob W. Frank/National Park Service via AP)
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BUFFALO GAP, Texas (Gray News) – When Danielle Robertson ran into a traffic jam on the way home this week, it was a bit of surprise.

You see, U.S. Highway 83/84 in rural central Texas just doesn’t back up. There aren’t that many people.

The cause? Two bison were on the lam.

“I assumed it was an accident but threw on the brakes when I saw the buffalo charging the center cables,” Robertson told KTXS TV.

She pulled out her phone and got it on video.

“To everyone who has ever asked if there are Buffalo around Buffalo Gap ...” Robertson said in her Facebook post.

Taylor County deputies eventually rounded up the wayward bison and got them relocated.

Buffalo Gap got its name from a pass in the Callahan Divide hills, about 160 miles west of Fort Worth, that bison herds used to funnel through on their migrations.

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