Big Spring prepared for scheduled maintenance on District lines

BIG SPRING -- CRMWD and the city of Big Spring are turning off the water tomorrow night at 10. They’re asking residents not to water their gardens or wash their cars, but this won’t affect showering and making coffee.

“We’re pretty lucky we have drinkable water. It’s safe, so we’re blessed. There are countries that would love to have Big Spring water,” reflected Malinda Flenniken, a Big Spring native.

The Colorado River Municipal Water District has been planning this scheduled maintenance for over three months.

“The district maintains a pretty aggressive preventative maintenance program," assured John Grant, the director at CRMWD.

CRMWD worked together with the city of Big Spring for timing. The Big Spring water plant is doing maintenance on the injection chemical point on the raw water line.

"We have over 600 miles of pipeline, 23 major pump stations out here in West Texas, so every winter we take the opportunity to take some of them down, go through them just from a preventative measurement,” Grant said.

This is an annual occurrence for CRMWD; they do it when it’s cold so it won’t affect the community as much, when people are not gardening and running in sprinklers.

“I guess there’s a possibility this can be inconvenient, but we have enough water in store. It’s not going to affect me - I just know I can’t water my grass and I need not wash my truck. I’m glad to know our city is keeping up with the water system,” said Mark Richardson, a Big Spring resident.

“Nothing more affected than a pipeline leak in the city,” Grant.

The city has 12.75 million gallons of water stored away, enough to serve the community for a day and a half, but they’re hoping not to reach that point - this is what the drought contingency plan is for.

“I think that’s amazing they have that reserved already - that’s good planning on their part,” Flenniken reacted.

“We live in West Texas. The water isn’t great here. Anything the city will do to put it up to standard, I’m all in favor of,” Richardson added.
“This project is unique because we will be working on a 42ninch diameter valve - the main valve that goes into the 15 million gallon reservoir north of Big Spring,” Grant concluded, who expects the water to return by midday Wednesday.