Big Spring has "Titan Up Day" for Tannehill

Published: Jan. 17, 2020 at 10:22 PM CST
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‘Titan Up’ is the official motto of Tennessee’s NFL team and, at least for this weekend, the city of Big Spring.

On Friday, Big Spring ISD held ‘Titan Up Day’, encouraging students and faculty to wear blue in support of quarterback Ryan Tannehill, Class of 2007.

Businesses around town got in on the fanfare as well, including KBEST Media, where Tannehill’s AP Spanish teacher just happens to be a managing partner.

“I wish that I had 30 of him in a class,” the now-retired Sheila Abusaab said. “As good as he is a football player, he’s a wonderful student. Brilliant young man.”

Aubusaab told CBS7 that Tannehill’s Spanish was “excelente,” and while he was one of her favorite students, she thinks her personality may have been a bit much for him.

“I was probably a little more funny than Ryan liked as a teacher,” Abusaab said. “Because he’s so serious about everything.”

That focus has taken Tannehill to the doorstep of the Super Bowl and put Big Spring on the map.

“We just couldn’t be prouder of him,” Abusaab said. “We know there are great things in his future. I think that he’s doing what he wants to do and he’s very happy doing it.”

Abusaab is quite the football fan herself, telling CBS7 it’s earned her the nickname ‘The Sports Babe’.

So how does she see Sunday’s game against the Chiefs going?

“Oh we’re winning. We, as in the Titans, are winning.”

Titan Up, Big Spring.