Be a Buddy: Meet Tate

Published: Mar. 5, 2020 at 5:27 PM CST
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Tate is a bright young man, who is both stoic and humorous. He could easily have his name in the bright lights one day. He's just looking for a mentor to help him along the way.

Tate got to make his big TV debut Wednesday, on the CBS7 6 o’clock news, for all the right reasons!

"Now that I'm on the news, it's a whole different story," Tate explained with a smile.

Tate, 8, is an avid reader and his own story is about to add a new character, in the form of a big brother.

"My mom signed me up for this so I can have a male role model to look up," Tate explained.

Tate is loved dearly by his mom and older sister, but like many young men, he's starting to explore his own independence.

"My sister can sometimes get too protective when I'm riding my bike," Tate explained. "She thinks that I'm going to get hurt. But I told her, if there is a car coming, since my bike has adjustable speed, I can probably beat it in a race."

From fast bike rides to speed reading, the third grader is extremely intelligent, courageous, and definitely part of the digital era.

"I wish people knew how I was on Tic-Tok, because I'm trying to become more famous on that," Tate said.

He has big dreams of flying high and serving our country.

"I sort of want to be in the Air Force," Tate said.

So what's his plan to achieve that goal?

"I'll just goggle what it is you have to do," Tate explained.

He's right! In 2020, that's great starting point.

Tate is both serious and funny. He already has a plan to have everyone laughing out loud come April Fools.

"If we have a substitute in one of our classes, I'm going to put a whoopee cushion in her chair and I'm going to say she's our ‘substi-toot,’" Tate said with sly smile.

If you're interested in being Tate's big brother through Big Brothers Big Sisters, visit their website

or give them a call: (432) 687-0195.