Be a Buddy: Meet Talia

MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) -- Talia is more than happy to talk makeup and share beauty tips — it’s her absolute favorite thing at 12-years-old.

12-year-old Talia already has every hour of her dream day with her big sister planned out.

“I’m obsessed with makeup,” Talia said.

Over ice cream at Fountainville, she also shared all about the top YouTube makeup stars.

“I actually used to watch James Charles to learn how to put my whole face on,” Talia explained.

Talia just finished 6th grade and will be headed into middle school this fall. Volleyball has grown to be her sport of choice.

“It’s just fun - bumping it and hitting it over the net,” Talia said. “When my mom first signed me up, I really didn’t want to go. Until I got into it.”

But even more than volleyball or makeup, Talia really just wants someone to be there for her, as her parents have demanding jobs.

“Just to have someone to talk to, someone to play with,” Talia explained. “When your parents are gone a lot of the time — I have my dogs, but just a human being to be there.”

Talia already has every hour of her dream day with her big sister planned out.

“Sleeping in, putting my makeup on, doing my routine,” Talia started. “Then going to the park or something to play with my dogs. Then after that, we’d go play volleyball for a little bit. Then take a nap, go to Chick-Fil-A, then watch a movie.”

If you have a career in beauty or a passion for makeup you could be just the woman Talia is looking for, as she has her eyes set on being a cosmetologist.

“When I go to cosmetology, I will be the top student so I can hurry up and graduate.”

If you’re interested in being Talia’s big sister through Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Permian Basin, visit their website here or give them a call at (432) 687-0195.