Be a Buddy: Meet James

Published: Dec. 5, 2019 at 3:57 PM CST
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"Skateboarding, Fortnight, and watching YouTube videos," James said when I asked him to list a few of his favorite things.

We reached a little outside James's comfort zone and took a few spins in a go-cart at Rim Rock Racing one fall afternoon. James respected safety the whole time — as he values respect on and off the race track.

"My grandma always told me that if I'm respectful, then other people would treat me well," James explained.

James is also very artistic and loves creating things.

"I want to be an artist," James said. "I'm really good at making stuff and drawing stuff."

More than traditional drawing, the fifth grader's favorite thing to design and create is three-denationalized art.

"I like to make action figures," James said.

As they say: necessity is the mother of invention, and that's how James discovered his passion for creating.

"I didn't have anything that was Sonic, so I was like a guess I can make a Sonic action figure," James explained.

James would love a big brother who shares his love for art or skateboarding, but really he's up for just about anything.

"I'm really playful and active and I probably do anything my Big Brother wanted me to do," James said.

If you’re interested in being James's big brother through Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Permian Basin, visit their website

or give them a call: (432) 687-0195.